The Apnea Association of Singapore is proud to announce the first AAS Depth Championships 2018 @ Apnea Bali, organized by John Wright and validated by AIDA. A total of 20 athletes can compete in this competition. Please read the information below in regard to participation and cancellation.


Competition Updates

Here’s the line up for the 2018 AAS depth championships! Have you booked your flights and accommodation yet?

Day 0 - Registration (19 September 2018) 
Day 1 - CWT  (20 September 2018)
Day 2 - CNF (21 September 2018)
Day 3 - FIM (22 September 2018 )
Day 4 - (23 September 2018)
Prize Ceremony and After-party
OR Catch up day, In the event of cancellation to any one competing day due to poor weather/ unforeseen circumstances

Note: Days 1 to 3 is only a suggested structure and Athletes are free to choose their competing discipline.

Medical, Liability + Media Release Forms here


Registration, who can join, when and how


The first day of the competition will be held on from 20th to the 23rd of September 2018. 

Registration for the event is here (Competitors, Volunteers)

Registration opens for Singaporeans from 15 June 2018 until and including 30 June 2018 on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

Registration opens for non-Singaporeans from 1 July until 31st August on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

All bookings are done via the AAS website, where payment instructions & forms will be sent, once registered online.

Please follow the offical Event FB page link here for updates.



Capacity: 20 Athletes


Opening Registration: 15th - 30th June

-Singaporean Passport holders

Opening Registration: 1st July - 31st August (GMT +0800)

-Open to all


Entry Fee:

SGD$375 + SGD$20 AAS Membership

-not inclusive of photos/videos

-not inclusive of airfare

-after party (added cost)

Competition Details:

Day 1 CWT  (20th September)

Day 2 CNF (21th September)

Day 3 FIM (22th September)

Or athlethe can also choose their discipline.

Registration and athlete briefing will be on the afternoon of the 19th September

- AAS Member (this year aas pool competitors are already aas members for the year)
- Passport or National ID card
- AIDA Medical Statement with compulsory physician's signature + stamp on page 2
*Medical signed by a physican within last 12months. (same medical from this year pool comp)
- Signed Liability / Media Release Form

Category of Medal Winners

-Overall 1st / 2nd / 3rd (M/W)

-Top Singaporean Depth Champion (M/W)

-Top Newcomer (M/W)

*Have not competed in a depth competition before. (pool competition does not count)


Prizes /Sponsors (TBC)


Cancellation policy:

For all participating athletes the following cancellation policy applies: 


In the event an athlete who registered for the competition cannot attend the competition, do notify AAS by email in writing.

The below refund policy applies.

Replacement of your slot will come from the waiting list.


Irrespective of the above, the following refund policy applies for cancellations:

50% refund of competition fees if a cancellation notice is received in writing by the AAS email before Tuesday 1 July. 

25% refund of competition fees if a cancellation notice is received in writing by the AAS email from 1 August until and including 31 August. 

No refund of competition fees for any cancellation notices received after 31st August.

For the removal of doubt: if an athlete decides not to compete on the days of the event, there will be no refund.