AAS Member eCard

Membership with AAS, allows you to participate in AAS Events and promotions.

Upon registration and annual fee payment, you will also be registered as a AIDA Singapore member.

Membership with the AAS is S$20 for the year 2019.
Valid till 31st Dec 2019.


1. The Cardholder is entitled to one membership registration number.

2. Membership Card is NOT to be used by someone other than the Cardholder.

3. Users are prohibited from using, transposing, copying, distributing or modifying all or part of the data, images

and any other form of content obtained for any purpose other than personal use, as specified in copyright laws, or

that which is explicitly permitted by other laws, without the consent of The AAS or the holders of rights to said data,

images and content.

4. The AAS reserves the right to immediately cancel a membership, at any time without prior notice, if any of the

following conditions apply to a member:

A. The member gave false or inaccurate information to the AAS when applying for membership.

B. It becomes clear that the member has had his/her membership revoked or received some other form of

censure for violating these terms and conditions of use or other regulations in the past.

C. The member engages in activities prohibited by the terms and conditions of use, or other AAS regulations.

D. The member cannot be contacted via email, telephone or other means.

E. The AAS deems any other act of a member as inappropriate.