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20th Jan 2018
Dear prospective participant,


Many thanks for your interest in participating in the Second Singapore Freedive Open competition to be held Saturday 3 March and Sunday 4 March. 

Following the official announcement on Tuesday 16 January, we are happy to announce the following details. 



  • The competition fee is SGD 70.
  • The competition requires AAS membership, which is SGD 20.0 for the entire year 2018. 


After payment using the payment instructions, your name will be added to the list. Please note that this is a first-come-first-served enrolment with only 24 available places. We will announce the remaining available places, but if your payment is not successful, it means there is no more availability. Once decided, you can register, and make your payment within 3 days.    



  • The Static Apnea and Dynamic no fins DNF are held in a 25 meter pool that has a depth from 1.4 to 1.6 meters (gradual decline across the 25 meter length).
  • The Dynamic with Fins (DYN) is held in a 50 meter pool.
  • The 50 meter pool has a depth of 2.0 meters


Please note that this is an official AIDA competition and your ranking will be recorded accordingly. 

Many thanks for your interest. Good luck in your preparation and we look forward to seeing you in the water!!


Best regards,

The Apnea Association Singapore. 


REGISTER for Competition - here

VOLUNTEER  for the event  - here 
(Safety diver/Judging /Admin /Others)

16th  Jan 2018
Dear AAS members, affiliated freedive schools and freedive enthusiasts,
The Apnea Association Singapore is proud to announce our second Singapore AIDA Freedive Open competition to be held March 2018. The event will take place over 2 consecutive days starting on Saturday 3 March until and including Sunday 4 March. The competition will be held at the Singapore Sports School in Woodlands. 
Twenty four (24) Freedivers of all levels are welcome to compete. The only prerequisites are:
• Minimum age is 18 years or 16 years with parental consent.
• Participants need to be in good health.
• Participants need to be members of the Apnea Association of Singapore.  

Your dives will appear in AIDA ranking. 

• From Saturday 20 January 18.00 hrs eligible participants can join on a first-come-first-served basis by following the directions for registration on the AAS website and settling the registration fees. 
• The final cost for the competition will also be disclosed on the website on Saturday. A preliminary estimate of the cost around SGD 90 (exclusive of SGD 20 annual AAS membership fee).  
• If participants are not AAS members, they can become AAS members by paying the annual membership fees in advance of the competition through details that will be provided timely ahead of the event. 
• The costs do not include:
• Accommodation.
• Transport to and from the location.
• Meals.
• Medical and evacuation insurance or expenses.

• Participants that are unable to join subsequent to their registration can transfer their place to another diver eligible to compete in the event.
• There will be no reimbursement of fees if neither the participating diver, nor his/her substitute can attend subsequent to registration.
• Changes in participants will be recorded during no later than seven (7) days before the Competition Meeting (see below).  

• There is a Competition Meeting where all competing athletes must be present. It will take place at the Singapore Sports School on Saturday 3 March at a time that will be disclosed on the AAS website, timely ahead of the meeting.  
• What the athletes need to bring:
• Passport
• Proof of medial statement, or otherwise the signed medical statement issued by the AAS, which must not be older than 1 year.

After completing the registration of all athletes we will give a review of the competition rules and also publish the start list for the competition days.

Announced performances will only be accepted until 18.00 on the day preceding the discipline. 
For Static Apnea and Dynamic with Fins (DYN) the cut-off time for announced performances is 18.00 hrs on Friday 2 March.
For Dynamic No Fins (DNF) the cut-off time for announced performances is 18.00 hrs on Saturday 3 March.
Do note, the starting order for static apnea will be the same as dynamic with fins, to allow minimum 3 hours rest.
Dynamic without fins starting order will be based on Dynamic no fins announced performance.
You can make your announcement by email to apnea.association.singapore@gmail.com or by private message on AAS’ facebook page (www.facebook.com/apneasg). 

There are 3 competition dives in 2 days, dedicated to one of the freedive disciplines: 
• Static Apnea to be held on Saturday 3 March. 
• DYN (Dynamic with Fins) to be held on Saturday 3 March.
• DNF (Dynamic No Fins) to be held on Sunday 4 March.

The best overall results will determine the top three divers (male / female). However you are free to announce dives that are not representing the discipline. That dive will of course appear in the ranking.

The competition will be held in either a 25 meter or 50 meter pool with a depth of 2 meters (to be confirmed by Saturday 20 January) The facilities are roofed, which means that event cancelation due to bad weather is unlikely. The water temperature is about 28 degrees.

Safety is our top priority. The AAS want to organize an event that is fun and relaxed but at the same time safe and professional. Here are some of the AAS safety mechanisms:

• A dedicated group of safety divers will monitor the safety during the event.
• There will be a medic, qualified in first aid, CPR and oxygen administration present during the event. 
* Every dive will be monitored from the surface.
• Safety equipment will be on standby for every dive.

The participating safety team, Judges and Organizers have the right to refuse the start of any athlete if diving would pose an obvious risk to the diver's health.

The award ceremony will be organised shortly after the last round of athletes competing in their respective disciplines. The ceremony will be held at the pool location. 

We hope this information is helpful. We will provide regular updates on the AAS website in respect of the remaining outstanding details (most notably pricing and pool lane length). Please contact us at apnea.association.singapore@gmail.com if you have any further questions!
We wish everyone successful training and hope to see you in March!

The Apnea Association of Singapore.



REGISTER for Competition - here

VOLUNTEER  for the event  - here 
(Safety diver/Judging /Admin /Others)