Notice AAS AGM 2018

Notice Apnea Association of Singapore 2018
Annual general meeting


Dear All

This is to inform you of the upcoming annual general meeting for the members of Apnea Association of Singapore.
The details of this meeting are as follows: 



11th May 2018


2000 – 2130


370J Anchorange Function Room
Alexandra Road, 159962


Agenda for this meeting:

  • AAS Overview 2017
  • AAS Accounts and finances 2017-2018
  • AAS Events in 2017
  • AAS Budget / Overview plan 2018-2019
    -AAS AIDA Competition Structure/Carding for 2019
    -Stepping down of 2017 secretary - Kee Wen Yu

At the meeting, members will be asked to vote to:

  • election of secretary.
  • accept the annual report
  • accept the auditor’s report
  • accept the annual financial statements
  • appoint an auditor.


Secretary Primary Role and Job Scope
(2018 - March 2019)

-Membership fees data entry, fee payment checks
-Collation, checks of members are in order
-Record Minutes of meeting
-Assist in the aas admin matters

-booking of pool lanes

Do make the nomination in the following link:

Closing submission: End of 6th May, Sunday

AAS Membership for 2018
AAS annual membership fees is reduced to $20.
for the membership till end of 2018

The AAS is Singapore’s official AIDA representative. One of the benefits of being an AAS member is that you are allowed to take part in all official AIDA competitions overseas. 

Registration link:
AAS Bank account is being sorted out and we will communicate the details promptly (payment can also be made during the agm).

Hope to see your support.
The AAS Comittee

Mon 4/30, 8:41 AM

Apnea Association of Singapore talks with the Singapore Life Saving Society to raise safety awareness in Singapore.

As part of the AAS’s continued efforts to raise safety awareness and the standard of breath hold / freediving safety in Singapore, AAS President Jonathan Chong gave a presentation to the Examiners and Instructors of the Singapore Life Saving Society at their Annual workshop. 

The aim was to clarify some myths about freediving and open the opportunity for collaboration to increase public pool safety around breath holding. Topics such as the physiology of blackouts and safety concepts were presented. 

Singapore Pool Freediving Open 2015

On 6th September, the AAS organised the first-ever freediving competition in Singapore. The competition saw athletes from all levels participate including several Underwater Rugby Players looking to test their breath-hold abilities. The competition allowed freedivers in Singapore to come together and exchange experience, raise the profile of freediving to the general community, provide a safe environment for freedivers to test their limits, and gave competitive athletes a goal to work towards.


Athletes had to choose to perform two out of three possible pool disciplines: Static Apnea and either Dynamic Apnea (with fins) or Dynamic Apnea (without fins). Scores were tallied based on the athlete’s performance on these events.In Static Apnea, scores are based on how long a person can hold his breath without any activity. 

Warm-up Zone for Static Apnea

Warm-up Zone for Static Apnea

For Dynamic Apnea, points were given based on how long one could swim on a single breath. 

Fu Xing Qiang with his monfin. Photo courtesy: Wilson Zhang

Fu Xing Qiang with his monfin. Photo courtesy: Wilson Zhang

Being the first competition ever held in Singapore, competition organisers, judges, and safety crew were unsure of what to expect for this competition. The athletes however, stunned everyone with their amazing performances. Examples include newcomer Cong Sheng, who swam 100m on a single breath and two new New Caledonian National Records were also set by Ramona Gutierrez. Congratulations! 

The success of this first competition has shown that there is enthusiasm and participation in the freediving community in Singapore. It also gives us a template for which to organise future events.The next step for us would be to organise a collaborative competition with our neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia to help grow freediving in the region.”