For the past years, we have been blessed with an amazing team of volunteers who help with a variety of on-site operations and the competition wouldn’t be a success without them!

Volunteering at the competition is also a great way to meet the community, learn about how to run a competition, and of course you get a front row seat to all the action!


AAS Volunteer Roles:

If you have experience in the roles please indicate

  • Emergency Safety Officer Lead
    Emergency Protocol / Risk Access & Management / Coordinate safety support

  • Safety divers Lead
    Roster divers / Manage & Train safety divers for event

  • Marketing Lead
    Manage publications, news & media

  • AIDA Judging

  • Logistics

Supporting roles

  • Safety diver support

  • Admin support

  • Others support

  • Writers / Media support

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

For more enquires on event and volunteer roles please email to