AAS Membership 2019

You will be an AAS member and also be added as an AIDA Singapore member, till the end of year December 2019.

The AAS is a not for profit organisation and the fees go towards creating general and safety awareness of the sport.

$20 for AAS annual membership to the end of December 2019.

-A minimum Pool/Basic/AIDA 1* Freediver Certification.
-or under an ongoing freediving Course.
-A freediving introductory, discovery, tryout is not a certification course.

Follow the steps in order to create your membership

1. Fill in the below form.
2. aas.payment.team will email you payment details / or contact firdaus91407764
3. Email your transaction screenshot to aas.payment.team@gmail.com to start your application process.

You will receive an AAS email when we have processed your application.
You will receive an AIDA email when we registered you as AIDA singapore to update your AIDA website password.




This will be AIDA registered email. All emails from AIDA, AAS will be sent to this email address.